After successfully selling out two clusters, The Grove and Tilia, PT Pakuan Tbk together with PT Diamond Development
Indonesia, a subsidiary company of Mitsubishi Corporation, will unveil another luxury residential project, appropriately named
the “Lake Series” in Shila at Sawangan. The Lake Series are residential clusters with a “waterfront living” concept where all of
the houses are designed similar to the lakeside villas within a 207,953 m2 green area and various facilities to complete a modern

Lake Series will be an iconic lakefront residential development in South Jakarta. The two main residential clusters, Lake Vista
and Laguna, and two premium kavling clusters, South Lake and The Forest, are divided into several clusters where all of the
houses have the luxury of a lake view. Lake Vista Cluster has three types: Portico, Tudor, and Pavilion, whereas Laguna has
two types: Veranda and Mondrian. Each of these houses in the residential cluster is designed with distinctive and modern
architecture that provides various benefits, including the use of materials that generate beautiful and breathtaking visuals, a side
patio, and a double height ceiling for greater lighting and air circulation.

As a premium residential, Lake Series will offer a living by the lake experience with 30 exclusive facilities for its residents, such
as a 1.6 km jogging track along the creek to make your morning jog more enjoyable with the benefits of fresh air from the
abundance of surrounding greeneries. For tennis and yoga lovers, Lake Series provides a sunken tennis court and yoga deck
promenade. Also, there will be two different kinds of barbeque areas with an international concept which are Brazilian Grill and
Korean Barbeque where hanging out with your loved ones can be more memorable. Furthermore, Lakepoint Club which is
located within Lake Vista Cluster will give an exclusive facility, where you can enjoy a breathtaking view and go fishing in the
middle of the lake with the provided boat.

“We are optimistic that Lake Series will attract public’s interest who are seeking premium homes that are complemented with
complete facilities. Lake Series have entrance gates with luxurious design and secure its safety. These residential are developed
with a sustainable development concept, where the facilities will support all the needs of modern living and are exclusive for
Lake Series Residence.” stated Denny Asalim the Director of PT Pakuan Tbk.

“Continuing the success of The Grove Cluster which it will start its handover in the end of this year, 12 months earlier than our
target, and Tilia Cluster that will have its groundbreaking ceremony this October, we focus to monitor the construction
development with high quality control standard that exceeds consumer’s expectation,” said Kenji Ono as the President Director
of PT Diamond Development Indonesia.

Shila at Sawangan will be built within a spacious green area and 26 Ha natural lake as a residential area, part of the township
of Vasanta Eco Town. Besides the residential area, Vasanta Eco Town also develops commercial areas, such as Senopati
Boulevard, a 2 km shopping street. The construction progress is currently ongoing and will start operating in January 2023,
where more than 15 big brands have joined to enliven Senopati Boulevard. Additionally, Marche as a Smart Modern Market and
Telaga Seafood Restaurant will complete the needs of a modern lifestyle for the residents of this 102 Ha township.

Located strategically, Vasanta Eco Town links two main roads, Bojongsari Main Road and Muchtar Main Road, which are
considered as the national roads and crucial accesses that connect Bogor to Tangerang. Moreover, it is easily accessed from
JORR 2 toll road, Cijago (Cinere – Jagorawi) toll road, and Desari (Depok Antasari) toll road from Sawangan toll gate.

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About Vasanta Group

Vasanta is one of Indonesia’s leading real estate developers. A company with a long history in the real estate industry, founded
on the strength of combining the experience and knowledge of over 100 years of real estate founders. Vasanta Group contributes
to its mission on the main stage, setting a new standard of commitment, innovation, and development in the metropolis of Jakarta
to a higher level.

Since its inception, Vasanta has focused on building complexes that include commercial and residential areas. Vasanta strives
to offer high-quality, innovative living concepts, and complete amenities to suit all lifestyles in strategic locations to ensure

Vasanta has demonstrated its position through a high level of commitment as a developer, prioritizing quality of life in the best
local areas, and completing project construction on schedule. Besides Shila in Sawangan, PT Vasanta Indo Property also
develops and manages other projects such as Saumata & Saumata Suites, Vasanta Innopark, and Manawatu.


About PT Diamond Development Indonesia

PT Diamond Development Indonesia (DDI), a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Corporation, invests and develops real estate projects
through partnerships with many of Indonesia’s leading real estate developers. Mitsubishi Corporation is an integrated global
company that conducts various activities through branch offices and subsidiaries in 90 countries around the world and
collaborates with approximately 1,700 group companies.

Mitsubishi Corporation is involved in a wide range of industries, including natural gas, industrial materials, oil and gas, coal
mining, infrastructure, automotive, food and beverage industries, power companies, and urban development. Through 10
business groups, Mitsubishi Corporation is now expanding beyond the traditional business into the real estate development
industry, manufacturers, and manufacturing operators, working and collaborating with leading partners worldwide.

Mitsubishi Corporation is committed to conducting its business with integrity and equity, and to its continued development and
contribution to the well-being of society. Mitsubishi Corporation is known for various projects around the world, including in
Southeast Asia, such as the Grand Park Residential Project in Vietnam and the ZORA Project in BSD City, Indonesia.


Nurul Delia Rachmaputri
Marketing Communications – PT Pakuan Tbk
085777378172 –

Hunian Tepi Danau Diluncurkan Perdana di Shila at Sawangan

Setelah sukses menjual habis dua cluster The Grove dan Tilia, PT Pakuan Tbk bersama PT Diamond Development Indonesia, anak perusahaan dari Mitsubishi Corporation, kembali meluncurkan kawasan hunian premium yaitu “Lake Series” di Shila at Sawangan. Lake Series merupakan cluster-cluster dengan konsep “waterfront living” dimana semua bangunan didesain layaknya lake side villa dengan area hijau seluas 207.953 m2 dan berbagai fasilitas untuk melengkapi modern lifestyle.

Lake Series akan menjadi sebuah hunian ikonik tepi danau di Selatan Jakarta. Dibagi menjadi beberapa cluster yang di setiap huniannya dilengkapi pemandangan danau (lake view) dengan dua cluster utama, yaitu Lake Vista dan Laguna, serta dua kavling premium, South Lake dan The Forest. Cluster Lake Vista terdiri dari tiga tipe, yakni Portico, Tudor, dan Pavilion, sedangkan Laguna memiliki dua tipe, yakni Veranda dan Mondrian. Setiap hunian di cluster ini dirancang dengan gaya arsitektur unik dan modern, menawarkan berbagai keunggulan, seperti pemilihan material yang menimbulkan kesan ‘estetik’ dan visual yang menarik, memiliki teras samping, serta double height ceiling untuk pencahayaan dan sirkulasi udara yang lebih baik.

Sebagai kawasan hunian premium, Lake Series akan memberikan pengalaman “Living by the Lake” dilengkapi dengan 30 fasilitas yang dihadirkan secara ekslusif bagi penghuninya, seperti jogging track sepanjang 1.6 km yang menyusuri creek membuat lari pagi Anda semakin berkesan sambil menghirup sejuknya udara sekitar. Bagi pecinta tenis dan yoga, Lake Series menyediakan sunken tennis court dan yoga deck promenade. Terdapat juga dua jenis “Barbeque Area” dengan konsep internasional, yakni Brazilian Grill dan Korean Barbeque yang membuat berkumpul bersama kerabat semakin menyenangkan. Lalu, ada Lakepoint Club yang terletak di cluster Lake Vista hadir memberikan fasilitas ekslusif. Disini, selain menikmati pemandangan indah, Anda juga dapat memancing di tengah danau dengan perahu yang telah disediakan.

“Kami optimis Lake Series akan menarik animo masyarakat yang menginginkan hunian berkelas yang didukung oleh fasilitas lengkap. Lake Series memiliki entrance gate yang didesain mewah dan terjaga keamanannya. Hunian ini kami hadirkan dengan konsep sustainable development, dimana fasilitas-fasilitasnya akan menunjang kebutuhan gaya hidup modern yang dibangun ekslusif bagi penghuni Lake Series.” ujar Denny Asalim selaku Direktur PT Pakuan Tbk.

“Menyusul kesuksesan cluster The Grove yang akan serah terima (handover) 12 bulan lebih cepat pada akhir tahun ini dan cluster Tilia yang akan groundbreaking pada Oktober ini, kami fokus untuk mengerjakan pembangunan dengan kontrol kualitas sesuai standar ketat dan bisa melebihi ekspektasi konsumen.” ucap Kenji Ono selaku Presiden Direktur PT Diamond Development Indonesia.

Shila at Sawangan dibangun di antara ruang terbuka hijau luas dan danau alami seluas 26 hektar yang merupakan kawasan residensial, bagian dari township Vasanta Eco Town. Selain kawasan residensial, Vasanta Eco Town juga menghadirkan area komersial, seperti Senopati Boulevard, shopping street sepanjang 2 km. Pembangunan area komersial ini sedang berlangsung dan akan mulai beroperasi pada Januari 2023 yang nantinya akan hadir lebih dari 15 tenant brand besar untuk meramaikan Senopati Soulevard. Di samping itu, terdapat Marche, smart modern market, dan restoran Telaga Seafood untuk melengkapi kebutuhan gaya hidup penghuninya di township seluas 102 hektar.

Berada di kawasan strategis, Vasanta Eco Town menghubungkan dua jalan utama, yakni Jalan Raya Bojongsari dan Jalan Raya Muchtar yang merupakan jalan nasional dan akses penting yang menghubungkan Bogor dan Tangerang, serta dapat diakses dengan mudah melalui Tol JORR 2, Tol Cijago (Cinere-Jagorawi), dan Tol Desari (Depok Antasari) via pintu Tol Sawangan.

Raih kesempatan untuk memperoleh informasi terbaru mengenai Lake Series dan memilih hunian lebih awal dengan membeli NUP sekarang. Segera miliki hunian premium tepi danau Lake Series di Shila at Sawangan.

Tentang Vasanta Group

Vasanta merupakan salah satu pengembang properti terkemuka di Indonesia. Perusahaan yang membangun di atas pondasi gabungan pengalaman real estat pendiri dan dewan direksi selama lebih dari ratusan tahun. Berkontribusi pada pembangunan di kota metropolitan Jabodetabek dengan komitmen, inovasi, dan mengangkat tolok ukur baru di level yang lebih tinggi, Vasanta Group terus menjalankan misinya di panggung utama.

Sejak awal beroperasi, Vasanta berfokus pada pembangunan kompleks penggunaan campuran, yang terdiri dari kawasan komersial dan hunian. Dalam menciptakan Kawasan hunian, Vasanta memberikan nilai-nilai tambahan produk yang memberikan manfaat kepada konsumen dengan mempersembahkan konsep hunian yang berkualitas tinggi, inovatif, serta fasilitas lengkap untuk semua gaya hidup di lokasi strategis untuk menjamin kenyamanan.

Kesuksesan Vasanta terbukti melalui komitmen yang tinggi sebagai pengembang yang mengutamakan kualitas hunian di kawasan terbaik dan ketepatan waktu dalam penyelesaian pembangunan proyeknya. Selain Shila at Sawangan, PT Vasanta Indo Properti juga mengembangkan dan mengelola proyek lain seperti Saumata & Saumata Suites, Vasanta Innopark dan Mawatu.

Tentang PT Diamond Development Indonesia (DDI)

PT Diamond Development Indonesia (DDI) adalah anak perusahaan Mitsubishi Corporation yang berinvestasi dan mengembangkan proyek real estate melalui kemitraan dengan sejumlah pengembang properti terkemuka di Indonesia. Mitsubishi Corporation adalah perusahaan global yang terintegrasi dan menjalankan berbagai bisnis melalui banyak kantor dan anak perusahaan yang tersebar di 90 negara dari seluruh dunia, dengan koneksi global sekitar 1.700 grup perusahaan.

Mitsubishi Corporation memiliki 10 kelompok usaha yang beroperasi di hampir setiap industri: gas alam, bahan industri, minyak dan gas, pertambangan batu bara, infrastruktur, otomotif, industri makanan dan minuman, perusahaan listrik, dan pembangunan perkotaan. Melalui 10 grup bisnis ini, Mitsubishi Corporation saat ini berkembang melampaui bisnis tradisional dan terjun ke industri pengembangan properti, produsen, operator manufaktur, bekerja dan berkolaborasi dengan beragam mitra terkemuka dari seluruh dunia.

Dengan komitmen untuk menjalankan bisnis dengan integritas dan kesetaraan, Mitsubishi Corporation berdedikasi untuk terus berkembang dan berkontribusi bagi kesejahteraan masyarakat. Mitsubishi Corporation tercatat memiliki berbagai proyek yang tersebar di seluruh dunia termasuk Asia Tenggara, seperti Portico Residential Project di Filipina, the Grand Park Residential di Vietnam, dan The ZORA di BSD City, Indonesia.

Nurul Delia Rachmaputri
Marketing Communications – PT Pakuan Tbk
085777378172 –